Our StainabilityFIRST initiative began in January 2007 with the development of a structured program to define, discover, educate, achieve and measure results of cost-effective and innovative changes in our manufacturing process and environment. We have challenged our team at every level, including our supply chain, to understand and internalize the principles and concepts of sustainability. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to ingrain sustainability in our culture as an integral part of continuous process improvement.

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Why do we care?

Research shows that we may see a decline in the quality of life in our generation. The effects of global warming are beginning to have a profound impact on habitats and eco-systems to a degree unprecedented in recent history.

Where do we start?

In order to gain an understanding of the inputs, outputs, and life cycles of our products, bi-products, and processes that we control Prime Package & Label chose a progressive-thinking team and began educating this team about sustainability.

What can we do?

Our SustainabilityFIRST team set realistic, obtainable, and measureable goals to take action to eliminate the use of, or significantly reduce the need for precious resources that support our quality of life now and for generations to come.

What are we doing?

Core Reusing Program – PPL has instituted a program to pick up our used cores from local customers and reuse them as press cores. By reusing these cores to wind up waste matrix we decrease the amount of cores purchased. New cores are always used on product shipping to our customers.

Trim and Liner Recycling Program – PPL is currently researching an opportunity to recycle our internal waste matrix along with our customers liner waste. Customers would segregate the paper liner from film liner into supplied bins as labels are applied and waste is accumulated. As needed PPL would pick up these bins and combine them as a truckload with our internal waste matrix. This truck would be shipped to a location that would recycle the trim into fuel pellets and the liner back into new liner paper.

Ink Work-off Program – PPL has successfully implemented a system to reformulate inks that are returned from press. By doing our own ink mixing we are able to limit the amount of raw materials purchased and reduce our inventory of inks on the shelf.